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PQE Group is a Global Quality Solution Provider for the Life Science industry, in both high level and hands on consulting services around the world.
With 27 offices and a global presence, PQE Group supports small, medium and large sized organizations in their development and compliance-related challenges.

We dedicate our efforts to create value for our customers by putting our multidisciplinary teams, knowledge and competences in the Pharmaceutical and the Medical Devices industry at their service, allowing our clients to achieve and maintain Compliance with the latest regulations and contributing to create a safer pharmaceutical environment. Our aim is to help our customers to reach success expressing their business’ strategies and full potential on global and local markets. Our vision is to become market leaders as Solution Provider for Sustainable Compliance and a global reference as an ethical company.

Furthermore, we define ourselves as an ethics-driven company. Everyday at PQE Group employees and managers work together at all levels to foster a positive change in community, environment, and in the Life Science industry as well. To do so, we promote Corporate Responsibility, ethical behavior, business practice and a culture based on respect of people and environment.

Cosa cerchiamo

??? ????? is a constant growing company, always willing to give opportunities to those who are searching for them. We truly think that are people to make the difference and we really want to invest in people who show these attitudes:

????????: our teams are multidisciplinary, with a strong focus on cooperation towards a shared goal. We work and laugh together, in an environment where everyone is encouraged to do their best improving every day.

???????????: a consultant is, by definition, a flexible person. Our search is for those people who love discovering new places, travelling in different parts of the country or abroad. Flexibility also means openness in getting involved in new projects or new tasks and being ready when a colleague needs support.

???????????: Thinking ahead is crucial for us, our job is to bring Quality to the Life Science industry, and we can do so only through problem solving or anticipating issues before they raise. With Proactivity we then mean someone who is able to anticipate the issues or able to react to them in a short time frame.

??????????: Businesses change constantly, with new technologies and approaches showing up every few years. One of the strengths of a consultant lie in the ability to keep up with times, being always updated about new trends and applications. At PQE Group we help our employees through their development, giving them all the tools, trainings and guidance that, paired with their “Innovative Mindset”, let them stay on top of all the new challenges.

Cosa offriamo

At ??? ?????, people are the main values of our mission, heart and soul of our society. Knowledge and constant learning is a key element to guarantee the quality of our services and build up our internal community, and our aim is to help our employees to reach success expressing their full potential and talents.

Right now PQE employees have their own development program, customized on specific training needs, based on seniority, skills, attitudes and role.

To help our organization growing stronger every day, we promoted 3 main ways of learning:

???????? ?? ??? ???: all of our consultants are trainees and trainers, this is due to the nature of our organization, that sees in teamwork a strong added value. Living the work this way, makes the daily routine a stage for teaching something new to the coworkers or to gain a new knowledge from a project manager.

?-????????: PQE Group believes in the digital learning, accessible to all our employees worldwide, whether they are working from home, at the clients’ offices or at our offices. The platform offers a broad spectrum of courses, technical or soft skills oriented.

??? ???????: kicked off in 2020 the Academy guarantees space for growth and development of our best employees. The Academy offers a wide range of different courses and training, from general classes to system specifications and soft skills management, with specific paths created based on the employee seniority and role.

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